• Director-Producer

    Leigh Brooks

  • With

    Mina Caputo, Joey Zampella, Alan Robert

  • USA-UK 2021. 90min

  • Language


  • UK Distribution Alarm Pictures Limited

Emerging from the New York hardcore scene in the late 1980s, Life of Agony was formed by three disaffected teens, each yearning to escape their volatile home lives. With a steady rise in notoriety since their humble beginnings, by the mid-90s the band looked set for breakthrough success. But in 1997, after the release of their third album, singer Mina Caputo unexpectedly quit, her bandmates unaware of the personal struggles she was facing. Less focused on the music than it is the people behind it, The Sound of Scars is no straightforward rock doc hagiography, but an impassioned tale of survival, accessible to both fans and newcomers alike. And while each band member has a fascinating story to tell, none is more affecting than Mina’s, whose vivid recollections of years spent hiding in the spotlight, and subsequent journey towards self-acceptance, are both heart-breaking and inspiring.

Michael Blyth

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