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The Slippers

What happened to Dorothy’s ruby slippers when she came back from Oz. An unmissable treat of a documentary.

Image from The Slippers

Dir Morgan White
Prod Morgan White, Rhys Thomas
Scr Derek Lajeunesse, Morgan White
Canada 2016
Prod Co Tricon Films & Televison

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Morgan White, Director

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They added to the magical lustre of The Wizard of Oz and must be the most recognisable pair of slippers in the world. Unsurprisingly, their story is as incredible as the make-believe land they were originally glimpsed in. Re-discovered by costumer Kent Warner in the 1970s, with a pair first sold at the famed MGM studio auction that decade, even today it’s still not known how many ruby slippers were made or have survived. From the Tennessee woman who won a pair as a child in a studio competition to the late, great Debbie Reynolds and her mission to preserve Hollywood’s past, director Morgan White journeys down the different – and not always yellow-brick – roads his search for the slippers take him. Featuring some wonderful archive footage, this thoroughly entertaining documentary is an unmissable treat and almost too fantastic to be true.

Emma Smart

Special thanks to the generous support of the Canadian High Commission.

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Image from The Slippers

Image from The Slippers

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