Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story

The eye-popping story of Falcon Studios gay porn mogul Chuck Holmes.

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Director Michael Stabile
Producers Michael Stabile, Ben Leon, Jack Shamama
USA 2015
72 mins
UK distribution The Film Collaborative

In the 1970s, porn mogul Chuck Holmes changed the face of the adult entertainment industry forever, founding the iconic Falcon Studios and liberating gay male erotica from the back alleys. Through to his death in 2000, Holmes helped shape and dictate the fantasies of gay men across the world – informed by his very particular penchant for clean-cut, preppy horndogs – whilst remaining under the watchful eye of both the FBI and vice squad. In this eye-opening documentary, we chart Holmes’ evolution from aspiring entrepreneur to powerful business magnate, and ultimately charitable philanthropist with a genuine commitment to the gay rights movement. Featuring contributions from those who worked with him, and his many admirers (including John Waters and Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears), Seed Money brims with insight, drama and a welcome dose of saucy (and often hilarious) archive footage from the films themselves.

Michael Blyth