• Director

    Adrián Silvestre

  • Producers

    Javier Pérez Santana, Adrián Silvestre

  • Spain 2021. 89min

  • Language

    Spanish. With English subtitles

  • Sales The Film Collaborative

The participants in this cinema verité-style documentary met at a support network for trans women, to share health information and experiences of vaginoplasty. Brought together by that single surgical subject, their discussions expand broadly as the women unfurl their radically different life stories. In preparation for the shoot, the director organised acting workshops and a selection of trans films for the group to watch. They all agreed that one offered a naturalistic reflection of their feelings. Surprisingly, it was a documentary made almost 40 years ago: Antonio Giménez Rico’s Dressed in Blue. Rico’s semi-dramatized style became their inspiration in creating this vivid and revelatory ensemble piece, as the women bond and quarrel their way around northern Spain.

Zorian Clayton

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