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Scream Queens: Gay Boys and the Horror Film

Horror classics that are gayer than you remember.

With the finesse of a blade piercing through taut skin, the horror film is all about slicing up conventions and destroying the status quo. Taking a bloody axe to the bloodcurdling confines of tradition, there is something fundamentally queer about the horror genre, and here we celebrate the transgressive side of terror in a variety of surprising, frightening, and occasionally hilarious, ways. Welcome to the dark side...

Butcher, Baker, Nightmare MakerButcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker

A rare chance to see the most baffling of queer slashers on the big screen.

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Fright NightFright Night

The 1985 cult horror movie with plenty of gay subtext to sink your teeth into.

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The Lost BoysThe Lost Boys

Joel Schumacher’s hedonistic party vamps offer up a whole host of gay pleasures.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street Part II: Freddy’s RevengeA Nightmare on Elm Street Part II: Freddy’s Revenge

Freddy gets an unexpected makeover in this hyper-homoerotic sequel to the horror classic.

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Queer Eye for the Dead Guy: A Brief History of LGBT HorrorQueer Eye for the Dead Guy: A Brief History of LGBT Horror

Join programmer Michael Blyth for a revisionist history of horror through a queer lens.

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