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School of Life

Three films about being determined to fight for what you believe in.

Brian Robinson

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Total running time 80min

Films in this programme
  • Image from Kiko’s Saints, Dir Manuel Marmier

    Kiko’s Saints

  • Image from Involuntary Activist, Dir Mikael Bundsen

    Involuntary Activist

  • Image from FAG, Dir Olivier Lallart


Film 1

Kiko’s Saints

Les saints de Kiko

A woman artist discovers a new side to life and art when she happens on two burly men in the dunes. For someone who is used to sketching church architecture, the challenge of drawing men making love proves an inspiration.

Dir Manuel Marmier. France 2019. 25min

Film 2

Involuntary Activist

A gay teacher struggles with timid bureaucrats, while things boil over in his relationships with his family. When is he going to take charge and stand up for himself and his beliefs?

Dir Mikael Bundsen. Sweden-UK 2019. 20min

Film 3


It’s the last term at a French high school and desires are running high. A boy-on-boy kiss in a game of spin-the-bottle sets the school rumour machine into overdrive. But what if those rumours are true?

Dir Olivier Lallart. France 2019. 35min

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