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Rescue the Fire

Rettet das Feuer

Delve into the stirring archives of photographer Jürgen Baldiga, the gifted provocateur who laid bare his queer life and death.

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Dir-Prod Jasco Viefhues
Sales Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

Berlin, 1979. Young artist Baldiga arrives from a rural mining town, throwing himself into the heady heart of the German gay scene. Within a few years he is established as a new face in photography and performance art, evocatively capturing outsider street life and creatures of the night. Contracting HIV in 1984, Baldiga documents the process in the most candid way possible, forming a detailed visual record of his life with the disease. Artistic collaborator Aron Neubert discusses granting Baldiga’s request to photograph him after death in 1993 to complete the magnum opus. Joining other friends and lovers in the archives of the Schwules Museum, the cataloguing of Baldiga’s diaries continues. This film is both lusty and poignant, and features fabulously erotic experimental shorts by this bold and proud pioneer.

Zorian Clayton

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This film features scenes of a graphic nature.

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