Pleasures and Perils of Desire

A rich haul of shorts about yearning for, finding, and remembering encounters of a sexual nature.

Brian Robinson




Director Chico Lacerda
Brazil 2014
16 mins

A reminiscence of the director’s gentle awakening to sex before he loses his virginity.



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Director Lazlo Tonk, Dylan Tonk
The Netherlands 2013
13 mins

A group of friends hanging out at a sports ground discover one of their number is gay, but it seems he might not be the only one.

Age 17

17 anni

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Director Filippo Demarchi
Switzerland 2014
22 mins

At 17, Luca fancies his local priest and maybe he can make it happen...


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Director Alejandro Monreal Landete
Spain 2014
8 mins

Leaving a brilliantly costumed Wizard of Oz party, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow walk out together.


Director Martin Edralin
Canada 2014
15 mins

A determined man refuses to let disability get in the way of a good time, but needs to call in a favour.

The Golden Age of Hustlers

The Golden Age of Hustlers

Director Silas Howard, Erin Greenwell
USA 2014
5 mins

Justin Vivian Bond sings a beautiful song by Bambi Lake, celebrating the hustlers of yesterday.


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Director Antonio da Silva
Greece-UK 2014
11 mins

Summer on a Greek coastal promontory offers an idyllic backdrop for unashamed sex tourism.

been too long at the FAIR

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Director Todd Verow, Charles Lum
USA 2015
6 mins

A visit to a New York cruising cinema prompts a heart-warming realisation.

Total running time 96 mins

Contains scene of a graphic nature. Over 18s only.