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Past Imperfect

This collection of emotional short films explores the way hearts can break and be put back together again.

Emma Smart

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Total running time 78min

Films in this programme
  • Image from A Battle in Waterloo, Dir Emma Moffat

    A Battle in Waterloo

  • Image from Sleeping Longing, Dir Virginie Nolin

    Sleeping Longing

  • Image from Atomic Love, Dir Imogen McCluskey

    Atomic Love

  • Image from Room for Two, Dir Riffy Ahmed

    Room for Two

  • Image from My World in Yours, Dir Jenifer Malmqvist

    My World in Yours

Film 1

A Battle in Waterloo

The hidden histories of those who really fought on the battlefield.

Dir Emma Moffat. UK 2019. 11min

Film 2

Sleeping Longing

A young woman finds herself spiraling after the death of her father.

Dir Virginie Nolin. Canada 2019. 13min

Film 3

Atomic Love

Whilst making a video for a dating website, Aleea finds herself reassessing what she wants.

Dir Imogen McCluskey. Australia 2019. 10min

Film 4

Room for Two

Suspecting her partner of an affair, Helena goes to extreme lengths to discover the truth.

Dir Riffy Ahmed. UK 2019. 15min

Film 5

My World in Yours

Min Värld I Din

Proving her case for residency might tear Sham’s new life in Sweden apart.

Dir Jenifer Malmqvist. Sweden 2019. 29min

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