• Director-Screenwriter

    Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken

  • Producers

    Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken, Åsmund Kjos Fjell

  • With

    Åsmund Høeg, Filip Berg, Benjamin Helstad

  • Norway 2021. 79min

  • Language

    Norwegian, Swedish. With English subtitles

Brawny teen Johannes is a lumberjack in the icy forests of Norway. A sudden tragic accident at work leaves him grieving and more than a little lost in life. Although he projects a steely exterior – but clearly with a sensitive soul – his head is soon turned by sharp-suited confidence trickster Mikael. The two end up on the road together, becoming embroiled in ever more outlandish crimes. What begins as petty theft quickly spirals into multiple murders. Writer-director Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken keeps the audience on their toes with artful manipulation of his narrative’s timeline, playing with memory and conscience in this gripping period piece, which is based on a true story.

Zorian Clayton

Contains scenes of death and violence.

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