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Our Dance of Revolution

A documentary portrait of how skilful organising created a cohesive Black LGBTIQ+ movement in Toronto.

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Dir-Prod Phillip Pike
Prod Co Roaring River Films

This expansive film covers 35 years of black LGBTIQ+ organising in the Canadian city. Engaging a wide diversity of voices, it presents an intergenerational account of how activist communities and discourse was built. From collective housing to the 2016 Toronto Pride sit-in, we see the various ways community activism can be grown. Social groups, black lesbian publishing, club nights, AIDS awareness – all these elements play a role in the growth of a movement. And when black LGBTIQ+ folk find a place for themselves, we see them bring others with them. We also see how their 1980s slogan ‘because all black lives are important’ fed into Toronto’s Black Lives Matter chapter. Decades of building visibility, safer spaces and resistance also include making food for friends and inclusive clubbing. After all, there’s always space to dance in a queer black revolution!

Tara Brown

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The screening on Sunday 22 March has English subtitles, including descriptions of non-dialogue audio, for customers who are D/deaf or hard of hearing.

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