• Director-Screenwriter

    Angelo Madsen Minax

  • Producers

    Angelo Madsen Minax, Felix Endara

  • With

    Sigrid Harmon

  • USA 2021. 86min

  • Language


  • Sales Journeyman Pictures

Self-enquiry becomes self-revelation in this densely woven documentary. Set in rural Michigan, where the epic landscape conceals communities grappling with faith, addiction and dysfunction, North by Current raises many questions. How do we make peace with a difficult childhood? Are we responsible for the lives of others? And how do our suspicions distort the truth? Anchored by the intriguing character of his sister, who struggles with addiction, an abusive relationship and grief, yet tempered by revelations about his own behaviour, Minax never forgets the absent child at the centre of the story. The result is a poetic portrait of ordinary people coping with extraordinary loss.

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Screening with

Space Is Quite a Lot of Things

  • Director-Producer

    August Joensalo

  • Finland 2021. 11min

The social complexities of trans and non-binary ways of being are explored in this sweet and honest discussion between friends.

Jay Bernard

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