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No Hard Feelings

Futur Drei

An incisive portrait of what it means to be an immigrant in contemporary Germany.

This is an 18+ screening

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Dir Faraz Shariat
Prod Paulina Lorenz, Faraz Shariat, Jost Hering. Scr Faraz Shariat, Paulina Lorenz
With Benjamin Radjaipour, Banafshe Hourmazdi, Eidin Jalali
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Parvis was born in a small German town, the son of a supermarket-owning, Iranian-born mother and father. He’s now on the brink of adulthood and beginning to discover life and sexuality through Grindr, nightclubs and all-night raves. When he’s charged with shop-lifting and ordered to do community service as a translator at a refugee centre, his life takes a new turn. He meets brother and sister Amon and Banafshe, who have fled Iran. The three soon become inseparable. The film’s portrait of the youthful intensity of first love is tempered by the daunting challenge of how the siblings can live in Germany while constantly under the threat of deportation. And through this new relationship, Parvis is forced to confront his own identity as an Iranian immigrant and a gay man.

Brian Robinson

The introduction and Q&A will be BSL interpreted at the screening on Friday 20 March.

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