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No Box for Me. An Intersex Story

Ni d'Ève, ni d'Adam. Une histoire intersexe

A burgeoning movement aims to demystify intersex identities and stop the practice of forced surgical interventions.

Dir-Scr Floriane Devigne
Prod Emmanuelle Dugne
Sales AndanaFilms

Statistics vary, but up to 2% of the population may be born with a gender variance. Yet intersex people have been largely confined to the shadows until now. This documentary focuses on a growing network of activists, determined to shift the medical community away from advising parents that a child’s future happiness depends on conforming genitals to binary norms. These brave voices can help to break down constrictive barriers of gender understanding for all.

+ Ponyboi

Dir River Gallo, Sadé Clacken Joseph

This remarkable short is a film first – a narrative featurette directed by and starring an out intersex person.

+ A Normal Girl

Dir Aubree Bernier-Clarke

Pidgeon Pagonis, a lead activist and educator from the intersex community, crusades for body autonomy and the freedom to choose one’s own path.

Zorian Clayton

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