• Director

    Eline Gehring

  • Producer

    Sara Fazilat

  • Screenwriters

    Eline Gehring, Francy Fabritz, Sara Fazilat

  • With

    Sara Fazilat, Sara Klimoska, Javeh Asefdjah

  • Germany 2021.

  • Language

    German, Persian, English. With English subtitles

  • Sales UCM.ONE

Nico leads a carefree life. A geriatric nurse, she spends her spare time drinking and clowning around with her best friend Rosa. But on her way home from a party, she’s victim to a vicious xenophobic attack, leaving her unconscious and unable to remember her attackers. Spurred on to never be a victim again, Nico begins training in karate and falls in love with its powerful discipline. And there’s a blossoming of new connection when she meets Ronny, a girl working at a local fairground. But Nico soon realises that the path to recovery is much more complicated than she thought. With an incredible lead performance from Sara Fazilat (who also serves as producer and co-writer), Nico is a funny, sensitive and hopeful portrayal of trauma and healing.

Contains a scene of racist language/violence.

Grace Barber-Plentie

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