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Oliver Hermanus’ fourth feature is a beautiful yet brutal study of closeted homosexuality in the Apartheid-era military.

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Dir Oliver Hermanus
Prod Eric Abraham, Jack Sidey
Scr Oliver Hermanus, Jack Sidey
With Kai Luke Brummer, Ryan de Villiers, Matthew Vey
South Africa-UK
UK Distribution Curzon

South Africa, 1981. Like all white men over the age of 16, Nicholas has been drafted for two years compulsory military service. Lost in a sea of volatile machismo, the shy and sensitive young man must endure the unforgiving trials and humiliations of basic training before being stationed on the border of Angola, to defend the Apartheid regime from the supposed black Communist threat. As Nicholas struggles through each day, he finds solace in a friendship with another recruit. But as their relationship develops, they must keep it secret at all costs. Taking its name from a pejorative Afrikaans term for a gay man, the deeply accomplished Moffie is both an uncompromising examination of a country’s dark history and a profoundly affecting portrait of a young man battling his inner demons.

Michael Blyth

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