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Making History

These shorts chronicle the LGBTQ+ past to uncover community histories, evoke forgotten lives and honour legendary pioneers.

Programmed by Zorian Clayton | Total running time 89min

This programme contains sexually explicit scenes, viewer discretion is advised.

Films in this programme
  • Image from Framing Agnes, Dir Chase Joynt, Kristen Schilt

    Framing Agnes

  • Image from Meet Me Under the Clock, Dir Lauren Hortie, Sonya Reynolds

    Meet Me Under the Clock

  • Image from Tomorrow Island, Dir Gwenn Joyaux

    Tomorrow Island

  • Image from This Year, Here, Dir Alison Taylor, Sabine LeBel

    This Year, Here

  • Image from Wicked Women, Dir Anna Brownfield

    Wicked Women

  • Image from Pirate Boys, Dir Pol Merchan

    Pirate Boys

  • Image from Nirvana, Dir Jess Kohl


Film 1

Framing Agnes

Angelica Ross, Silas Howard and Zachary Drucker enact newly discovered trans testimonials from the 1950s.

Dir Chase Joynt, Kristen Schilt. Canada-USA 2018. 19min

Film 2

Meet Me Under the Clock

This shadow-puppet tale finds Toronto’s queens and clones forging queer spaces in the 1970s.

Dir Lauren Hortie, Sonya Reynolds. Canada 2017. 14min

Film 3

Tomorrow Island

At the outbreak of the Cold War, a Russian Inuit couple try to outrun their harsh reality on the frozen Bering Strait.

Dir Gwenn Joyaux. Estonia-UK-Portugal 2018. 16min

Film 4

This Year, Here

Memories of a rural holiday cottage are shared by generations of extended lesbian families.

Dir Alison Taylor, Sabine LeBel. Canada 2017. 6min

Film 5

Wicked Women

A radical BDSM magazine makes waves in the 1980s gay scene Down Under.

Dir Anna Brownfield. Australia 2018. 6min

Film 6

Pirate Boys

1990s polymorphous queerness finds Del LaGrace Volcano evoking trans-masculine sexuality with feminist writer Kathy Acker.

Dir Pol Merchan. Germany 2018. 13min

Film 7


Ancient Hindu traditions are celebrated at an annual festival for Hijra and trans women in Tamil Nadu.

Dir Jess Kohl. UK 2018. 15min

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