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Love, Sex and Other Emotions

A pick’n’mix of films dealing with deep feelings, the quest for love and its aftermath.

Brian Robinson

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Total running time 87min

Films in this programme
  • Image from After That Party, Dir Caio Scot

    After That Party

  • Image from The Summer House, Dir Luke Willis

    The Summer House

  • Image from The Future, Dir Andy I-Chang Wang.

    The Future

  • Image from The Scene, Dir James Corley

    The Scene

  • Image from The Last Romantics, Dir João Cândido Zacharias

    The Last Romantics

  • Image from Because You’re Mine, Dir Jean-Baptiste Huong

    Because You’re Mine

  • Image from The Spark, Dir Xavier Miralles

    The Spark

Film 1

After That Party

Depois Daquela Festa

Being at a party with Dad becomes awkward.

Dir Caio Scot. Brazil 2019. 15min

Film 2

The Summer House

A night in a dark house revives emotional wounds.

Dir Luke Willis. USA 2019. 14min

Film 3

The Future

A spooky encounter by night turns even stranger.

Dir Andy I-Chang Wang. UK 2019. 10min

Film 4

The Scene

It’s a struggle getting an ex-boyfriend to face up to life.

Dir James Corley. UK 2019. 11min

Film 5

The Last Romantics

Os Últimos Românticos

Sexy confessions lead to unintended revelations.

Dir João Cândido Zacharias. Brazil 2019. 12min

Film 6

Because You’re Mine

A poetic and erotic elegy for a lost lover.

Dir Jean-Baptiste Huong. France 2018. 12min

Film 7

The Spark

El Destello

Things get out of hand when a long-term couple fight over a T-shirt.

Dir Xavier Miralles. Spain 2019. 13min

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