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Little Miss Westie

An entertaining, trans-inclusive New England family bring some originality to their local beauty pageant.

Dir Joy E Reed, Dan Hunt
Prod Dan Hunt
Prod Co Pearl Wolf Productions LLC

This delightful documentary charts the progress of a somewhat alternative Connecticut family with two trans kids. Luca and Ren are close, but like chalk and cheese. Gender-fluid Luca is punk rock and deadpan, while Ren is whimsical and old-fashioned. Both personalities seem highly unlikely candidates to be attracted to the mainstream beautification of a local talent pageant, but their determination to make the world their own is a joy to behold. Steering clear of sentimentality, the film shines thanks to the family’s fantastic sense of humour and ‘be yourself’ ethic.

+ Gender

Dir Cherish Oteka

The beyond the binary rainbow is unpacked and embraced.

+ Late Nights in the Lab

Dir Clyde Petersen

Indie rockers ‘Your Heart Breaks’ reminisce about queer teen crushes at experimental college.

Zorian Clayton

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