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Life in Transit

Travelling through a rich slice of life, the films explore avenues of gender diversity, from determined paths to unexpected twists and turns.

Programmed by Zorian Clayton | Total running time 101min

Films in this programme
  • Image from Please Mind the Gap, Dir Mitali Trivedi, Gagandeep Singh

    Please Mind the Gap

  • Image from First Day, Dir Julie Kalceff

    First Day

  • Image from I, Dir Vala Omarsdottir, Hallfridur Thora Tryggvadottir


  • Image from Finding Home, Dir Abraham ‘AB’ Troen

    Finding Home

  • Image from Silvia in the Waves, Dir Giovana Olmos

    Silvia in the Waves

  • Image from The Third Movement, Dir Josephine Anderson

    The Third Movement

Film 1

Please Mind the Gap

A charismatic young trans guy finds community and navigates gendered space on the Delhi metro.

Dir Mitali Trivedi, Gagandeep Singh. India 2018. 20min

Film 2

First Day

This promising debut from 11-year-old trans actor Evie McDonald sees her character switching schools and standing up to bullies.

Dir Julie Kalceff. Australia 2017. 18min

Film 3



An evocative tale of coming out and clothing on the way to the gender clinic.

Dir Vala Omarsdottir, Hallfridur Thora Tryggvadottir. Iceland-Lithuania 2018. 15min

Film 4

Finding Home

Stacy recounts her escape from transphobia in El Salvador to a new life in Los Angeles.

Dir Abraham ‘AB’ Troen. USA 2017. 24min

Film 5

Silvia in the Waves

Silvia dans les vagues

A teenage son honours his trans parent’s wishes as they journey into the afterlife.

Dir Giovana Olmos. Canada 2017. 13min

Film 6

The Third Movement

Renowned classical pianist Sara Davis Buechner ponders on the wonders of Beethoven and her post-transition comeback.

Dir Josephine Anderson. Canada 2017. 11min

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