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A young woman struggles with her demons, in this arresting sophomore feature from Tucked (Flare 2019) director Jamie Patterson.

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Dir Jamie Patterson
Prod Jamie Patterson, Jason Rush, Sarah Drew, Julius Beltrame
Scr Jeff Murphy
With Tallulah Haddon, Sophie Reid, Sian Reese-Williams
Prod Co Rush Productions

Justine doesn’t think much of life, nor does she particularly want to partake in it. Numbing the pain of past hurts with alcohol, giving nothing away at her court-appointed therapy sessions, she seems content to spend her days with her pothead friend Peach, not thinking of a future she doesn’t think she deserves to have. Then she meets the idealistic Rachel and suddenly Justine is faced with someone who can see past her arrogant swagger – someone who wants to love Justine despite all the reasons she shouldn’t. Perhaps life isn’t so bad after all. But can a new love like theirs repair a lifetime of hurt? This Brighton-set drama is a powerful rumination on how the past can shape the present.

Emma Smart

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See the relaxed screening on Monday 23 Mar 14:00 NFT3.

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