• Director-Screenwriter

    TJ Parsell

  • Producers

    TJ Parsell, Bill Brimm

  • With

    Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Pam Tillis

  • USA 2021. 106min

  • Language


  • Production Company Outhaus Films

Taking centre stage in TJ Parsell’s excellent film are the unsung heroes behind some of Country music’s biggest hits of the last four decades. These lesbian and bisexual women (and one trans man) have been silent for too long and are finally ready to speak out about the industry that kept them in the closet. Through heartfelt interviews, we hear about the homophobia that put an end to careers that were starting out and about gigs that dried up when a brave few dared to come out. Most movingly of all are the stories of friendship and support these performers found in each other as they fought for their music to be heard. Ensuring that these Country music pioneers are hidden no more, Invisible is a joyous and entertaining documentary for all music lovers.

Emma Smart

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