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Films in Hearts

Films about love, romance and friendship.

  • Being 17 Being 17

    Set in the French Alps, this beautiful and emotional coming of age tale has two boys in their last year at school coming to terms with their emotions.

  • Centre of My World Centre of My World

    A young man falls for the new boy at school in this idiosyncratic adaptation of Andreas Steinhoefel’s acclaimed YA novel.

  • A Date for Mad Mary A Date for Mad Mary

    Mary’s on an hilarious quest to find a date for her best friend’s wedding.

  • Dear Dad Dear Dad

    A closeted father reveals the difficult truth to his teenage son in this heartfelt road movie from India.

  • Handsome Devil Handsome Devil

    A teen outcast at boarding school finds an unlikely ally in John Butler’s effortlessly charming tale of young friendship.

  • Heartland Heartland

    A beautiful debut feature about love, loss and the relationships that mean the most to us.

  • Heartstone Heartstone

    An intense drama played out over a long summer in a village in Iceland as two boys learn about life and their own desires.

  • I Love You Both I Love You Both

    Twin brother and sister fall for the same guy in this fresh and surprising modern rom-com.

  • Lovesong Lovesong

    Two childhood friends rekindle more than they were expecting in this affecting, low-key drama.

  • Moonlight Moonlight

    A much-anticipated feature in which a young boy growing up in a harsh environment learns what it means to love and be loved.

  • Our Love Story Our Love Story

    Talented artist Yoon-Ju falls in love for the first time in this moving and deliberate debut feature.

  • Out of Iraq Out of Iraq

    In the thick of the Iraq war, two young soldiers fall in love. When one leaves for the states, the other risks everything to join him there.

  • Seventeen Seventeen

    Girls who like girls who like boys, oh to be seventeen and in love again.

  • Taekwondo Taekwondo

    A gorgeously photographed, teasingly libidinous exercise in latent homoeroticism set over a long hot summer in Buenos Aires.

  • West North West West North West

    Differing cultures collide and pent up feelings explored in this exquisite melodrama from Japan.

  • Something to Remember (Shorts Programme) Something to Remember

    Short films programme

    The unknowable path to self-discovery can take many an unexpected turn, as the young men in these poignant and accomplished short films are soon to discover.

  • Escape Hatch Name of the Game

    Short films programme

    Love can be an easy game to play, knowing all the rules and where you fit in is the hard part.

  • Escape Hatch Not Over Till It’s Over

    Short films programme

    When it comes to love, we all make mistakes, but do we ever learn from them?

  • Escape Hatch Falling Free (UK shorts programme)

    Short films programme

    An inspiring and varied collection of queer tales, showcasing our most exciting home-grown filmmaking talent.

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