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Future Film at BFI Flare

See what Future Film are up to at BFI Flare: London LGBTQ+ Film Festival.

Future Film x BFI Flare

12pm - 5:30pm, Sat 30 March 2019, Rich Mix

This year, BFI Flare and BFI Future Film are working together with the LGBTQ+ history and culture website the Queer Bible to put on a day of exciting screenings and workshops for young people aged 16-25 who are passionate about queer filmmaking.

BFI Future Film x BFI Flare Day will take place at Rich Mix in Shoreditch and kick off with a screening of short films selected for BFI Flare and the BFI Future Film Festival, followed by a filmmaker panel Q&A. With the help of the Queer Bible’s own Jack Guinness, attendees will take part in a filmmaking exercise engaging with industry techniques and with the lives of heroes from the queer past, culminating in pitching your own idea for a film. The day will wrap up with a drinks party (proof of age required for alcohol) with opportunities for networking both with peers and with industry professionals.

BFI Future x BFI Flare is an event to inspire the next generation of queer filmmakers and film enthusiasts.

Tickets £6, free to those with Future Film Accreditation. Email: festivaleducation@bfi.org.uk for further details.

Lunch will be provided (vegetarian / vegan / gluten free options available).


Short Films

Children Alike

Lika Barn

It’s that awkward moment when you meet your brother’s new girlfriend and realise you’ve already met.
Julia Böstrom is a Swedish actor and director. Children Alike premiered in San Francisco and toured internationally in 2018. It’s a funny, twisty film about family, coming out, and confetti.

2017. Dir Julia Böstrom

Oneself Story

Lou tells his story, the way he feels about gender. Girl or boy, he/she chose not to choose, for now.
Géraldine Charpentier is a Belgian director. Oneself Story screened at the BFI Future Film Festival this year. It has been praised for its simple yet stylistically diverse animation and its subtly beautiful examination of the violence of gender norms.

2018. Dir Géraldine Charpentier

Silvia in the Waves

Silvia dans les Vagues

A teenage son honours his trans parent’s wishes as they travel into the afterlife.
Giovana Olmos is a director, writer and producer living in Canada. Silvia in the Waves is screening at BFI Flare. It depicts grief and fantasy entwining to question the relationships between history, memory, identity and erasure. This film contains non-explicit references to suicide.

2017. Dir Giovana Olmos


A transcendental fusion of queer surrealism and baroque opera.
Adam Csoka Keller is a multidisciplinary film and video artist who was born in Slovakia. Diva portrays an ecstatic meeting of two art traditions, drag and opera, both of which traffic in extremes of gender performance.

2018. Dir Adam Csoka Keller

Fuck the Boxes

Set in the present day, this unconventional coming-of-age story tackles unconventional queer love.
Abel Rubinstein is a British filmmaker and BFI Future Film Academy alumni. Fuck the Boxes was crowd-funded, and with its partly improvised script and charming actors is a cute, funny, poignant film about identity and fluidity.

2018. Dir Abel Rubinstein


A second-generation teen searches for a way to express their non-binary identity.
Amrou Al-Kadhi is a British-Iraqi filmmaker, writer and drag performer. Anemone is screening at BFI Flare and other film festivals in the UK and worldwide. It uses the magic of marine life to depict a way of existing and thriving outside religious conservatism.

2018. Dir Amrou Al-Kadhi



Jack Guinness
Jack is a model, style and fashion commentator, creative director, and has developed and starred in content for Gucci, Vogue, Vice and GQ. He is the founder of LGBTQ+ website The Queer Bible which celebrates the work and lives of the global queer community; each entry is accompanied by an original illustration by a young LGBTQ+ artist.

Bunny Kinney
Bunny is the editorial director of Dazed Media Group and champions exciting, unusual and urgent work across Nowness, Another, Another Man and Dazed Beauty. He is a filmmaker and director, and a lot of his work across a variety of platforms is specific to the creative decisions behind and execution of video and digital content.

Jack Robinson
Jack is a freelance producer working across commercial, branded and editorial video. He used to be the the head of video for i-D as well as their video commissioner and senior video commissioning editor and has worked with Gucci and Frieze, GQ and Vogue among others.

Micha Frazer-Carroll
Micha is a multi-award nominated journalist and Arts and Culture Editor of gal-dem. She is the founder of Blueprint, a magazine that focuses on mental health. Micha currently writes for HuffPost UK and the Guardian and is interested in psychology, pop culture, gender, race and mixedness. She has also previously written for Dazed and ROOKIE.

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