• Director

    Chase Joynt

  • Producers

    Samantha Curley, Shant Joshi, Chase Joynt

  • Canada-USA 2022. 75min

  • Language


  • Sales UTA Independent Film Group

After the success of No Ordinary Man, Chase Joynt follows up with this intriguing re-enactment of forgotten trans history, co-written with artist and performer Morgan M Page, which premiered to great acclaim at the recent Sundance Film Festival. The eponymous Agnes is well known for participating in a UCLA gender health study and revealing how she used the medical system to gain access to surgery. This film not only explores her story, it reimagines the inner lives of eight other trans participants, whose frank insights on race, class and politics are deeply prescient. Part of a tradition of archival re-enactments determined to shift the narrative, Framing Agnes is a two-way mirror in which the clever use of fiction makes the facts visible.

Jay Bernard

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