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Festival guests

Filmmakers are the lifeblood of the Festival and we are delighted to welcome our filmmaker guests to attend screenings for introductions and/or Q&A sessions with the audience.

Below is a list filmmakers and guests we are expecting to welcome to BFI Flare. Filmmaker schedules are subject to change, and not all of our guests are able to attend every performance of their film. As a result, we can’t guarantee that they will be present for a particular screening. Whichever screening you attend we hope you enjoy the Flare experience, and we look forward to seeing you there!

After Louie
Alan Cumming plays a New York artist mourning for his dead friends, whose life is turned upside down by an encounter with a much younger man.
Director Vincent Gagliostro, Actor Zach Booth, Screenwriter-Actor Anthony Johnston, Producer Bryce Renninger and Producer Lauren Belfer are expected to attend the festival.

Against the Law
This year’s opening film highlights a key moment in British history that led to the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality.
Director Fergus O’Brien, Producer Scott Bassett and Screenwriter Brian Fillis are expected to attend the festival.

Below Her Mouth
A frank and passionate depiction of a love (and desire) at first sight between two women and the impact it has on their lives.
Screenwriter Stephanie Fabrizi and Producer Melissa Coghlan are expected to attend the festival.

Body Electric
A lively Brazilian drama set in a garment factory: young manager Elias finds distraction in some of his fellow workers, but is he getting too close?
Director Marcelo Caetano is expected to attend the festival.

Centre of My World
A young man falls for the new boy at school in this idiosyncratic adaptation of Andreas Steinhoefel’s acclaimed YA novel.
Director-Writer-Co-producer Jakob M. Erwa is expected to attend the festival.

Different for Girls
A smart, sexy new lesbian drama web series from the award-winning director Campbell X.
Director Campbell X, Producer Fizz Milton, Writer Jacquie Lawrence, Actors Guinevere Turner and Caroline Whitney Smith are expected to attend the festival.

FTWTF: Female to What the Fuck
Move beyond the binary in this quiet and simple documentary about trans gender people and the struggles, contradictions and joys that come from the decisions they've made.
Directors Katharina Lampert and Cordula Thym are expected to attend the festival.

Handsome Devil
A teen outcast at boarding school finds an unlikely ally in John Butler’s effortlessly charming tale of young friendship.
Director John Butler is expected to attend the festival.

A beautiful debut feature about love, loss and the relationships that mean the most to us.
Director-Producer Maura Anderson, Producer-Writer-Actor Velinda Godfrey and Actor Laura Spencer are expected to attend the festival.

Jewel’s Catch One
This is the story of how Jewel rose from humble origins to create one of the most inclusive, radical and star-studded LGBT discos in America.
Director C. Fitz and Documentary Subject Jewel Thais-Williams are expected to attend the festival.

Memories of a Penitent Heart
A filmmaker uncovers the reality of her gay uncle’s life, exploring the harsh attitudes of church and family, and discovers more than one family secret.
Director Cecilia Aldarondo is expected to attend the festival.

In a desperate bid to get the college scholarship he needs, a teenage boy joins the girls’ volleyball team.
Director-Co-Writer Nathan Adloff and Producer Lisa G. Black are expected to attend the festival.

Our Love Story
Talented artist Yoon-Ju falls in love for the first time in this moving and deliberate debut feature.
Director Lee Hyun-ju is expected to attend the festival.

Out of Iraq
In the thick of the Iraq war, two young soldiers fall in love. When one leaves for the states, the other risks everything to join him there.
Co-Director-Producer Chris McKim is expected to attend the festival.

The Pearl of Africa
After suffering persecution from Uganda's government and media, Cleopatra journeys to Thailand to get surgery and finally live freely with her boyfriend Nelson.
Director Jonny von Wallström is expected to attend the festival.

Political Animals
A rousing documentary charting the unstoppable force of four lesbian legislators in California who've been fighting for LGBT rights and recognition for decades.
Director Tracy Wares and Director-Producer Jonah Markowitz are expected to attend the festival.

Pride? (Work In Progress Preview Screening)
A warm and intelligent survey that examines the history of Pride, its radical off-shoots and what the future of queer organising will be.
Director Ashley Joiner and Producer Dan Cleland are expected to attend the festival.

Pushing Dead
Delightful comedy set in San Francisco, in which an HIV-positive slacker/writer battles with life, meds and friends.
Director Tom E Brown is expected to attend the festival.

Raising Zoey
An eventful year in the life of a trans teenager, successfully defeating discrimination with her kick-ass mum and siblings (Screening with Girl-Hearted).
Director-Producer Dante Alencastre is expected to attend the festival.

A double bill featuring: Orientations (1984), a pioneering take on fourteen queer Asians, and Re:Orientations (2016), a follow up film on what became of them.
Director Richard Fung is expected to attend the festival.

Sexit Screenings: Enactone + Snapshot
As part of our Sexit programme we present a double bill featuring two new porn films that will challenge as much as arouse.
From Enactone, Director-Producer-Actor Sky Deep, Actors Gergana Walther and Indigo Rayne, and from Snapshot, Producer-Actor Jiz Lee and Actor Chocolate Chip are expected to attend the festival.

Girls who like girls who like boys, oh to be seventeen and in love again.
Actor Elisabeth Wabitsch and Producer Ulrich Gehmacher are expected to attend the festival.

Signature Move
A moving account of a young woman navigating her life between a mother who doesn’t really know her daughter and a burgeoning relationship that offers the possibility of real happiness.
Director Jennifer Reeder and Actor-Producer-Co-Writer Fawzia Mirza are expected to attend the festival.

The Slippers
What happened to Dorothy’s ruby slippers when she came back from Oz. An unmissable treat of a documentary.
Director Morgan White is expected to attend the festival.

A gorgeously photographed, teasingly libidinous exercise in latent homoeroticism set over a long hot summer in Buenos Aires.
Director Marco Berger is expected to attend the festival.

Torrey Pines
A feast for the eyes, this psychedelic coming-of-age road trip is both a stop-motion animation feature, and a theatrical show with live score from Queercore band, 'Your Heart Breaks'.
Director Clyde Petersen, Musicians Zach Burba and Jacob Jaffe are expected to attend the festival.

Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things
A lesson in Inuit history as queer Nunavut residents reclaim their roots and look to the future with pride.
Directors Mark Kenneth Woods and Michael Yerxa are expected to attend the festival.

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