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  • Director

    Patrick Muroni

  • Producer

    Stéphane Goël

  • Screenwriter

    Emmanuelle Fournier-Lorentz

  • Switzerland 2022. 97min

  • Language

    French with English subtitles

  • Sales Reservoir Docs

With all the fervour and passion of youth, a group of young women and non-binary people start a porn company with the intention of creating new images of themselves. The result is Oil, a porn collective that aims to educate as much as titillate. The film takes us from one group member’s long hours working as a cheesemonger to delightfully risky naked porn shoots in public parks, to sun-kissed holidays in the country. But very soon, the Swiss media catches up and the gulf between Oil’s radical idea of sexuality and that of the mainstream becomes very clear. Old questions of misogyny, autonomy and respectability are tackled with light-hearted wit and a deep sense of community – a group of friends, some smutty ideas and a camera in hand.

Jay Bernard

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