Contains scenes of graphic sex. Strictly over 18s only.

  • Director

    Laurence Turcotte-Fraser

  • Producer

    Katerine Lefrançois

  • Canada 2021. 85min

  • Language


  • UK Distribution Les Films du 3 Mars

From the outside, Emory’s home looks just like any other rural American property. However, inside it’s an ultra-kitsch sex fetish film set, with flying star ships, giant robots and exploding dildo machines that would make even Barbarella blush. A comics writer and mechanic, Emory’s imagination and construction skills combine to create an erotic fantasy wonderland. Single-handedly tackling every part of the design, build, shoot and edit, she certainly gets her kicks out of making these adult flicks, but it doesn’t always make a living. Emory is forced to consider downsizing, which will entail reducing her vast and wide-ranging hoard of collected items. The End of Wonderland is a playful yet probing portrait of an eccentric artist and self-proclaimed smut peddler.

Zorian Clayton

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