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Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie’s Dead Aunt)

In this delightful rom-com from debut director Monica Zanetti, Ellie’s dead aunt has the perfect dating advice for her. But will she listen to it?

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Dir-Scr Monica Zanetti
Prod MahVeen Shahraki, Patrick James
With Marta Dusseldorp, Zoe Terakes, Sophie Hawkshaw
Prod Co Cobbstar Productions

Star student Ellie can handle most things high school has thrown at her, yet when it comes to finding the perfect way to ask her mega-crush Abbie to the end-of-school prom, Ellie just can’t get it together. Luckily for her, the universe intervenes and Ellie gets her very own fairy godmother to help her on her dating way. Only Ellie doesn’t want to listen to the advice from her dead lesbian aunt Tara, who has never heard of Facebook and hasn’t dated since the 80s. How is she going to help Ellie get the girl of her dreams? With its unique and witty take on the teen rom-com, and heartfelt performances from its leads, Zanetti’s film is fun and joyous, packing an emotional punch that will make you wish we all had a fairy godmother like Tara.

Emma Smart

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