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  • Director-Screenwriter

    Sarah Kambe Holland

  • Producers

    Danielle Fountaine, Sarah Kambe Holland, Valerie Starks

  • With

    Sabrina Jie-A-Fa, Louis Tomeo, Asahi Hirano

  • USA 2022. 87min

  • Language


  • Production Company CanBeDone Films

Twinkie is adopted, lesbian and mixed-Asian – hence her self-chosen nickname ‘yellow on the outside and white on the inside’. She aspires to be an animator. Egghead, Twinkie’s devoted best friend, harbours a not-so-secret crush on her. When Twinkie’s coming-out to her parents doesn’t go to plan, she steals their car and hits the road to meet up with the cool DJ she’s been chatting to online. The only problem? Egghead, as Twinkie’s loyal chauffeur, has no idea what he’s been roped into. With excellent performances by Sabrina Jie-A-Fa and Louis Tomeo, and fun, creative animated details, Egghead & Twinkie is a sweet comedy about connecting with your heritage and finding love in unexpected places. Both the young and young at heart are guaranteed to love this coming-of-age movie.

Grace Barber-Plentie

Screening with

All I Ever Wanted

  • Director

    Erin Lau

  • Producers

    Fiona Hardingham, Selena Leoni

  • Screenwriter

    Van B. Nguyen

  • USA 2022. 15min

Romcom obsessed teen Christine has always longed for the perfect happy ending.

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