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Don’t Look Down

Haut perchés

Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau, directors of Theo and Hugo (Flare 2016), serve up a deliciously enigmatic chamber piece.

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Dir-Scr Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau
Prod Cyriac Auriol
With Manika Auxire, Geoffrey Couët, François Nambot
UK Distribution Peccadillo Pictures

Five strangers (four men and one woman) arrive at a chic Parisian apartment. They may not know each other, but each share one thing in common – the duplicitous man who used and abused their emotions. As the disparate group congregate in the kitchen/living area to eat, drink and reveal their deepest sexual fantasies, each member takes it in turns to visit an adjacent room where their mutual ex-lover is waiting for them. While theatrical in its set up, Ducastel and Martineau’s playful mystery is deeply cinematic in execution, bathed in rich neon hues that heighten the simmering emotions on display. But far more than just an exercise in style, Don’t Look Down is also a sly critique on power, submission and the destructive side of love.

Michael Blyth

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