• Director-Screenwriter

    PARK Kun-young

  • Producer

    PARK Eun-sung

  • With

    KANG Gil-woo, HONG Kyung, LEE Sang-hee

  • South Korea 2020. 119min

  • Language

    Korean. With English subtitles

  • Sales M-Line Distribution

Jin-Woo lives a deliberately quiet life in rural Korea, working as a shepherd and looking after his young niece Seol. Though Seol is approaching school age, Jin-Woo keeps their contact with the outside world to a minimum, save for the family that employs him. But everything changes when his college boyfriend Hyeon-min and estranged sister Eun-yeong Jin-Woo visit him. While Hyeon-min offers him a second chance at love, his sister’s return threatens to take away the most important part of his life – Seol. Directed with great precision and empathy by PARK Kun-young, A Distant Place is an engrossing portrait of the sacrifices we make for family.

Grace Barber-Plentie

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