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Depth of Perception: Experimenta Shorts Programme

A provocative collection of artists’ film and video work, offering a variety of perspectives on the queer experience.

Michael Blyth

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Total running time 71min

Films in this programme
  • Image from Mach Stem, Dir Daniel McIntyre

    Mach Stem

  • Image from Queering Di Teknolojik, Dir Timothy Smith

    Queering Di Teknolojik

  • Image from They Looked at Me and I Smiled, Dir Ben Edelberg

    They Looked at Me and I Smiled

  • Image from Womxn, Dir Eden Tinto Collins, Adrien Gystere Peskine


  • Image from Broth of Vigour, Dir Daniel McIntyre

    Broth of Vigour

  • Image from GUO4, Dir Peter Strickland


  • Image from May 35, Dir Tina Takemoto

    May 35

  • Image from When the Androgynous Child, Dir Melina Pafundi

    When the Androgynous Child

  • Image from Scat, Dir Eugene Caines


Film 1

Mach Stem

An essay about skincare, depression, memory loss and the atomic bomb.

Dir Daniel McIntyre. Canada-Iceland-Norway-Sweden-Portugal 2020. 13min

Film 2

Queering Di Teknolojik

A message of hope from the future.

Dir Timothy Smith. UK 2019. 9min

Film 3

They Looked at Me and I Smiled

Does performance end after the make-up is removed?

Dir Ben Edelberg. Canada 2019. 12min

Film 4


The nightmare of you know who.

Dir Eden Tinto Collins, Adrien Gystere Peskine. France 2018. 4min

Film 5

Broth of Vigour

A tonic for the body and mind.

Dir Daniel McIntyre. Canada 2020. 6min

Film 6


A violent confrontation in a locker room.

Dir Peter Strickland. Hungary-UK 2019. 3min

Film 7

May 35

A haunting commemoration of the Tiananmen Square uprisings.

Dir Tina Takemoto. USA 2019. 3min

Film 8

When the Androgynous Child

In the creation of myths, the origin is androgynous.

Dir Melina Pafundi. Germany-Argentina 2019. 10min

Film 9


An exploration of fringe eroticism and transgression.

Dir Eugene Caines. UK 2019. 11min

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