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A portrait of a young gay man discovering something of his own desires and identity on a summer break at the family holiday home in the south of France.

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Director Andrew Steggall
Producers Pietro Greppi, Guillaume Tobo, Cora Palfrey
Screenwriter Andrew Steggall
With Juliet Stevenson, Alex Lawther, Phénix Brossard, Niamh Cusack
UK-France 2015
109 mins
UK distribution Peccadillo Pictures

This brooding and stylish coming-of-age drama focuses on Elliot, a sensitive adolescent, as he and his mother return to their holiday home in rural southern France for one final time. When he meets Clément, a handsome and friendly local boy, Elliot sees the potential for love. But his mother, who is attempting to come to terms with the break-up of her marriage, appears to resent her son’s newfound friend. Andrew Steggall’s visually striking film offers many pleasurable moments amidst the tension between mother and son, including a beautifully shot late-night swim in a forbidden reservoir. And every small moment has an impact. Clément is mostly interested in rebuilding a motorcycle, while Elliot tries to write poetry. They should have nothing in common and yet they forge a tentative connection. This is an assured directorial debut from a talented filmmaker.

Brian Robinson

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