Deeper Understanding

From a teenager in his mother’s car to an astronaut in outer space, these shorts prove that we all have a little something to learn, no matter where we might be.

Michael Blyth

Total running time 88 mins

Mother Knows Best

Mama vet bäst

After introducing his mother to his boyfriend, an angsty teenager faces an awkward car journey home.

Director Mikael Bundsen
Sweden 2015
13 mins

The Future Perfect

An isolated time traveller questions his latest mission, compromising his future in the process.

Director Nick Citton
Canada 2015
12 mins

Sauna the Dead – A Fairy Tale

Cruising turns to carnage when a legion of towel-clad zombies take over a gay sauna.

Director Tom Frederic
UK 2016
21 mins

The Guy from Work

Le Gars d'la shop

Mild-mannered Raynald has a secret that he can’t keep to himself any longer.

Director Jean-François Leblanc
Canada 2015
14 mins

The Orchid

La Orquidea

A man has something important to tell his son, but can only get through to his voicemail.

Director Ferran Navarro-Beltrán
Spain 2015
3 mins

No Strings

Bryn feels isolated and alone in the big city. Could a random hook up unexpectedly provide the connection he so craves?

Director Eoin Maher
UK 2015
23 mins