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Dancing with a Stranger

Life is full of possibilities in this amazing array of short films that entertain and enchant every step of the way.

Programmed by Emma Smart | Total running time 76min

Films in this programme
  • Image from Foxy Trot, Dir Lisa Donato

    Foxy Trot

  • Image from Children Alike, Dir Julia Boström

    Children Alike

  • Image from The Half Wall, Dir Ida Hansen Eldøen

    The Half Wall

  • Image from Night Out, Dir Amelia Hashemi

    Night Out

  • Image from Misdirection, Dir Carly Usdin


  • Image from The Date, Dir Emmalie El Fadli

    The Date

  • Image from When Abbie Met Emmy, Dir Kevin Walls

    When Abbie Met Emmy

Film 1

Foxy Trot

Surely ballroom dancing is a safe bet for a couple’s date night?

Dir Lisa Donato. USA 2018. 15min

Film 2

Children Alike

Lika Barn

It’s that awkward moment when you meet your brother’s new girlfriend and realise you’ve already met.

Dir Julia Boström. Sweden 2017. 5min

Film 3

The Half Wall

When you are saying one thing and your partner is hearing another.

Dir Ida Hansen Eldøen. Norway 2018. 7min

Film 4

Night Out

A night on the town might be just what Meena needs in order to figure herself out.

Dir Amelia Hashemi. UK 2018. 10min

Film 5


A little bit of magic soothes a broken heart.

Dir Carly Usdin. USA 2018. 14min

Film 6

The Date

Can your online chemistry translate into real life when it’s time for your first date?

Dir Emmalie El Fadli. UK 2018. 15min

Film 7

When Abbie Met Emmy

Young love played out at the movies.

Dir Kevin Walls. UK 2018. 10min

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