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Dance Like Everyone’s Watching

This eclectic assortment jumps into different worlds of dance and physicality for personal survival, visibility and the fortification of marginalised communities.

Zorian Clayton

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Total running time 111min

Films in this programme
  • Image from Sweetheart Dancers, Dir Ben-Alex Dupris

    Sweetheart Dancers

  • Image from 134, Dir Sarah-Jane Drummey


  • Image from Mack Wrestles, Dir Taylor Hess, Erin Sanger

    Mack Wrestles

  • Image from Father Figure, Dir Bibi Fadlalla

    Father Figure

  • Image from Cuban Heel Shoes, Dir Julio Mas Alcaraz

    Cuban Heel Shoes

  • Image from Bonde, Dir Asaph Luccas


Film 1

Sweetheart Dancers

Two-spirit Native American couple Sean and Adrian rewrite the rulebook.

Dir Ben-Alex Dupris. USA 2019. 14min

Film 2


Conquering parental strife over a transgender child in this heartmelting Irish dance fiction.

Dir Sarah-Jane Drummey. Ireland 2019. 12min

Film 3

Mack Wrestles

A Texan transman faces the tough challenges of being forced to compete on the female team at high school.

Dir Taylor Hess, Erin Sanger. USA 2019. 25min

Film 4

Father Figure

Young voguers look up to their house leader, sharing experiences of discrimination and creating the Dutch ballroom scene.

Dir Bibi Fadlalla. Netherlands 2019. 25min

Film 5

Cuban Heel Shoes

Zapatos de tacón cubano

Two boys fall in love over a passion for flamenco and flout local machismo to dance as a couple.

Dir Julio Mas Alcaraz. Spain 2019. 17min

Film 6


Glamming up for a night out, these fluid fashionistas stick together to get home safe.

Dir Asaph Luccas. Brazil 2019. 18min

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