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Croc-A-Dyke Dundee, The Legend of Dawn O’Donnell

The story of Dawn O'Donnell, godmother of gay Sydney.

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  • Director Fiona Cunningham-Reid
  • UK-Australia 2014
  • 55 min
  • UK distribution Peccadillo Pictures

Dawn O’Donnell was a convent girl who became a professional ice skater, travelled the world and then landed up in 1950s Australia, a penniless lesbian. By the time of her death in 2007, she was a major player in Sydney’s transformation into one of the gayest cities in the world. O’Donnell built an empire of bars, clubs, steam rooms, sex shops and drag shows, inspiring The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and making a very tidy profit. This fascinating documentary explores the mythology (was she a mobster? an arsonist? a murderer?) and life of this shrewd, silver-haired, butch businesswoman.

Jason Barker

Peggy Shaw A Film Portrait

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  • Director Tanya Syed
  • UK 2014
  • 16 min

A rich, sensuous film about queer icon, performer Peggy Shaw.


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  • Director Artur Rabinski
  • UK 2013
  • 8 min

A gorgeous portrait of five Canal Street drag artists.

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