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Taking refuge in an idyllic lake house following her recent break-up, Karen meets the mysterious Lana in this moody and atmospheric debut.

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Dir-Scr Lara Jean Gallagher
Prod Aimee Lynn Barneburg, Davis Priestley, Isabel Marden, Kim Bailey, Karina Ripper
With Otmara Marrero, Sydney Sweeney
Prod Co High Pony Pictures

Reeling from the end of her long-term love affair with an older woman and unable to completely let go of the love she’s lost, Karen breaks into the lake house of her ex-lover, determined to stay there until her heart is mended and her ex has at least given her custody of the dog. Neighbours on the lake are few and far between and Karen relishes the solitude. But then she meets Lana, a vibrant young woman who might not be all that she seems. Gradually, Karen feels herself giving in to Lana’s obvious flirtation, but is the prospect of a new love affair too much too soon? How many hearts will be left broken this time? Drawing out intimate performances from her two leads and utilising the lush forest backdrop, Gallagher has crafted a taut coming-of-age story, and establishes herself as an exciting new cinematic voice.

Emma Smart

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