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A young man is forced to face past traumas when he embarks on a new relationship, in this remarkable feature debut.

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Dir Matthew Fifer, Kieran Mulcare
Prod Ramfis Myrthil, Jeremy Truong
Scr Matthew Fifer
With Sheldon D Brown, Matthew Fifer, Cobie Smulders
Sales The Film Collaborative

New York City, 2013. Introspective bisexual Ben drifts from one casual hook-up to the next. While recent encounters barely last beyond the following morning, he feels differently when he strikes up a conversation with Sam, a handsome stranger he meets while browsing discount books at a street stall. Forming an immediate connection, the two spend more and more time together, slowly letting their guards down. But as they reveal intimate details about their lives, both begin to recognise the need to confront past traumas if they are to truly let the other person in. Based on true events, writer/director/star Matthew Fifer and co-director Kieran Mulcare have crafted a richly textured and complex drama, which tackles challenging subjects with grace, delicacy and uncompromising honesty. Fifer’s sympathetic central performance is ably matched by Sheldon D Brown’s nuanced turn as Sam, with the pair establishing an effortless on-screen connection. Sensitively balancing moments of natural humour amongst the pathos, Cicada is guaranteed to be one of the year’s most acclaimed queer films.

Michael Blyth

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Please note, this film contains themes of sexual abuse.

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