Contains scenes of graphic violence, sexual abuse and animal cruelty. Strictly over 18s only.

  • Director-Screenwriter

    Vincent Le Port

  • Producer

    Roy Arida

  • With

    Dimitri Doré, Jean-Luc Vincent

  • France 2021. 101min

  • Language

    French With English subtitles

  • Sales Indie Sales

Vincent Le Port’s meticulously detailed film is a remarkable achievement. It opens with the bloody decapitation of a 13-year-old by 17-year-old Bruno, a seminarian with a troubled past. The film then travels back in time to recount the events that brought the characters to this point. Bruno’s bloodthirsty fantasies began with his exposure to farmyard slaughter at a tender age, which developed into desires to hurt the boys he fell in love with. Le Port’s drama is all the more unsettling thanks to the strong performances by the actors who play the awkward young peasant-turned-murderer. Composed with a painterly eye, evocatively capturing the landscapes and people of this corner of rural France, Bruno Reidal is not for those of a sensitive disposition, but it is a searing portrait of an unusually self-aware psychopath driven by a terrible passion.

Brian Robinson

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