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Films in Bodies

Stories of sex, identity and transformation.

  • 1:54 1:54

    A powerful tale of homophobic bullying out of control in a French high school.

  • Below Her Mouth Below Her Mouth

    A frank and passionate depiction of a love (and desire) at first sight between two women and the impact it has on their lives.

  • Body Electric Body Electric

    A lively Brazilian drama set in a garment factory: young manager Elias finds distraction in some of his fellow workers, but is he getting too close?

  • Don’t Call Me Son Don’t Call Me Son

    Gender fluid teen Pierre becomes the focus of a shocking family secret on a journey of displacement and discovery.

  • FTWTF: Female to What the Fuck FTWTF: Female to What the Fuck

    Move beyond the binary in this quiet and simple documentary about trans gender people and the struggles, contradictions and joys that come from the decisions they've made.

  • The Handmaiden The Handmaiden

    Sex, intrigue and duplicity run wild in this 1930s Korean-set drama inspired by Sarah Waters’ marvellous Fingersmith.

  • It's Only the End of the World It's Only the End of the World

    The latest emotionally rich and visually sumptuous melodrama from Festival favourite Xavier Dolan.

  • Jesús Jesús

    A young man’s involvement in a violent crime dramatically changes his life is this challenging Chilean drama.

  • The Makers: Jamie Babbit The Makers: Jamie Babbit

    Join Jamie Babbit in conversation about her career as a film and TV director both inside the mainstream and beyond.

  • Memories of a Penitent Heart Memories of a Penitent Heart

    A filmmaker uncovers the reality of her gay uncle’s life, exploring the harsh attitudes of church and family, and discovers more than one family secret.

  • Miles Miles

    In a desperate bid to get the college scholarship he needs, a teenage boy joins the girls’ volleyball team.

  • The Ornithologist The Ornithologist

    A lone scientist in Portugal’s Douro region embarks on an unexpected transcendental journey in this transportive curio from Joao Pedro Rodrigues.

  • The Pearl of Africa The Pearl of Africa

    After suffering persecution from Uganda's government and media, Cleopatra journeys to Thailand to get surgery and finally live freely with her boyfriend Nelson.

  • Pushing Dead Pushing Dead

    Delightful comedy set in San Francisco, in which an HIV-positive slacker/writer battles with life, meds and friends.

  • Raising Zoey Raising Zoey

    An eventful year in the life of a trans teenager, successfully defeating discrimination with her kick-ass mum and siblings (Screening with Girl-Hearted).

  • Rewind/Fast Forward Rewind/Fast Forward

    A unique chance to hear Sandi Hughes discuss her personal video archive of black queer life from 1975 to 2005, as part of our celebrations marking fifty years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

  • Seat in Shadow Seat in Shadow

    An ageing Glaswegian psychoanalyst finds his lust for life renewed following an encounter with the charismatic partner of a young patient.

  • The Trans List The Trans List

    Famous faces abound in this new HBO production from Timothy Greenfield-Sanders celebrating trans luminaries.

  • The Untamed The Untamed

    Amat Escalante pushes the boundaries of queer cinema with this mind-blowing mix of social drama and sci-fi.


  • Sexit: What the Fuck is Happening with UK Porn Laws? Sexit: What the Fuck is Happening with UK Porn Laws?

    As the UK adopts ever-more authoritarian laws around porn, we explore what this means for queer pornographers, performers and sex workers.

  • Snapshot Sexit Screenings: Enactone + Snapshot

    As part of our Sexit programme we present a double bill featuring two new porn films that will challenge as much as arouse.

  • Brief Encounters (Shorts Programme) Brief Encounters

    Short films programme

    Four films about getting what you want, or what you think you want.

  • Trials and liberations (Shorts Programme) Trials and Liberations

    Short films programme

    Personal stories of transgender and non-binary experiences from around the globe.

  • République/Filles du Calvaire Transcendent Tales

    Short films programme

    Bold and beautiful fictional shorts from first inklings to years after transition.

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