• Director-Screenwriter

    Marion Desseigne Ravel

  • Producers

    Agnès Vallée, Emmanuel Barraux, Delphine Schmit

  • With

    Lina El Arabi, Esther Rollande

  • France 2021. 80min

  • Language

    French. With English subtitles

  • Sales Le Pacte

It’s summertime in Paris and Nedjma is spending her days drifting between the local community centre and hanging out with her squad, who are planning a much-anticipated trip to the beach. However, everything changes when her path collides with Zina, the newly arrived cousin of the leader of a rival squad. Nedjima and Zina are destined to be mortal enemies. But through a shared love of music and an instant spark, a very different relationship begins to brew. Will Nedjima’s loyalties ultimately lie with her squad or her first love? With characters that are first-generation children of immigrants inhabiting a Paris council estate, Besties is a fresh coming-of-age story focusing on teen girls whose stories are rarely told in queer cinema.

Grace Barber-Plentie