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Battle of the Sexes

Emma Stone dazzles as Billie Jean King in this thrilling account of her highly-publicised fight for equality in women’s tennis.


Dir Valerie Faris, Jonathan Dayton
Prod Christian Colson, Danny Boyle, Robert Graf
Scr Simon Beaufoy
With Emma Stone, Steve Carell, Andrea Riseborough
Certificate 12A
UK Distribution Twentieth Century Fox

In 1973, in protest over the pay gap between women and men on the pro tour, Billie Jean and other top female players break away to form the Women’s Tennis Association. Derided and shunned by the sporting establishment, the public soon rally behind the players. Sensing an opportunity for self-promotion, ‘male chauvinist pig’ and retired men’s pro Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) challenges feminist King to an epic grudge match – male versus female – with millions around the world tuning in to watch. Simon Beaufoy’s (Slumdog Millionaire) script deftly balances humour, politics and a stirring love story as King falls for her hairdresser, played by Andrea Riseborough in this rousing ode to one of our greatest ever lesbian feminist trail blazers.

Tricia Tuttle

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