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Episodes 1-6

Bumping into an ex the day she moves into a new apartment makes Anne reflect on her past, in this smart and sexy webseries.

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Dir Valerie Bisscheroux
Prod Rachel van Bommel, Suzan de Swaan
Scr Maud Wiemeijer
With Hanna van Vliet, Eline van Gils, Kirsten Mulder
Sales Millstreet Films

The last person Anne is expecting to run into when moving into her new apartment is ex-girlfriend Lily. With a promise of catching up properly over coffee soon, Anne tries to put the chance encounter to the back of her mind, but can’t help reminiscing about Lily and all the ex-girlfriends she’s had since. As she looks back, Anne starts to figure out who she really is and what the future might hold. Told over the course of six episodes, each a glimpse into Anne’s latest love affair (from the shy closeted girl to the seductive older lady), Anne+ proves that some of the best new queer work is being created in the digital realm. With strong performances, particularly from Hanna van Vliet as the eponymous lead, this is an honest and realistic glimpse of lesbian dating life, in all its sexy, funny, heartbreaking glory.

Emma Smart

Additional information

The introduction and Q&A will be BSL interpreted at the screening on Saturday 28 March.

We will be screening the entire web series in this event.

Anne+ will be also available online on Walter Presents via Channel 4's on-demand service, ALL 4, from 12 June.

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