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A lyrical love story, between dreamer Manja and rebellious Louk, Air explores the notion of memory and how far we must go to find ourselves


Dir Anatol Schuster
Prod Isabelle Bertolone, Marius Ehlayil
Scr Anatol Schuster, Britta Schwem
With Paula Hüttisch, Lara Feith, Matthias Neukirch
Prod Co wirFILM GmbH

Manja’s love for the fiercely independent Louk hits her hard and fast – literally and figuratively. Their first encounter in the woods behind Manja’s apartment block is a collision, with Louk knocking a surprised Manja to the ground. But she then exchanges a soft kiss of thanks for Manja not giving her position away to her pursuers. It develops into a devotion to the rebellious girl that will see the studious Manja do things she wouldn’t normally do in order to be close to and take care of the achingly lost Louk, whose mother is no longer around and father might as well not be. Air is a delicate film with nuanced performances from its two leads and a surprising depth at its heart.

Emma Smart

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Contains flashing images.

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