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Shifting Sands

Life, love and happiness cross boundaries and ages in this witty, thought-provoking and heartfelt selection of shorts.

Emma Smart

Total running time 79 mins


It’s tough when the girl you want is involved with someone else.

Director Pom Sirada Bunsermvicha
Czech Republic 2015
7 mins


Can an aeroplane fly for three solid weeks? Is that why Laura’s girlfriend hasn’t called?

Director Carmen Jiménez
Spain 2015
4 mins

Words Unsaid

When Danny and May share something unexpected on her hen night, can their friendship ever recover?

Words Unsaid

Director Sivan Malca
Israel 2014
14 mins


A slump in their sex life leads Kate and Leigh to reassess their relationship.

Director Joey Ally
USA 2015
6 mins

Enjoy the Drama

By revisiting her past, a young woman realises she can finally move on with her life.

Director Lud Mônaco
Canada-Brazil 2015
6 mins

Notes from There

Separated by immigration, Peppa and Martine learn how to be together, no matter the distance.

Director Ann Prim
USA 2015
13 mins

The Escape Hatch

Wonder Woman walks into a bar...

The Escape Hatch

Director David Willing
Australia 2016
10 mins


Jess has a great idea for getting back at her ex.


Director Sarah Ball
UK-USA 2015
15 mins

Lesbos Goes Happy

Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ + lesbians + Lesbos = LOL

Lesbos Goes Happy

Director Bettina Freyland
Greece-Switzerland 2015
4 mins

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