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Christopher at Sea

A gorgeously drawn animation about a young man aboard a cargo ship who embraces the call of the sea.


  • Director-Screenwriter

    Tom CJ Brown

  • Producers

    Emmanuel-Alain Reynal, Pierre Baussaron, Hanna Stolarski, Nick Read, Emily-Jane Brown

  • France-USA-UK 2022 20min

Fish Boy

Scales start to grow out of a teenage boy’s skin as he finds himself choosing between his religion and sexual fluidity.


  • Director

    Christopher Yip

  • Producer

    Malachi Ellis

  • Canada 2022 11min

Upwards Tide

Images of bodies and bodies of water blend into one another in this captivating moving-image poem.


  • Director

    Daniela Zahlner

  • Austria 2022 6min


A group of queer friends gather for a day of luxuriating on the beach, before tensions rise...


  • Director-Screenwriter

    Dylan Mitro

  • Producer

    Goldbloom Micomonaco

  • Canada 2022 19min

The Siren Song

A woman stands at the seashore, in denial of who she is. Maybe the water holds the answer.


  • Director-Screenwriter

    Helen Iley

  • Producers

    Franciska Bartos, Cassandre Pouget, Sophie Airdien

  • UK 2022 5min

The Pass

A young man in search of a private beach to swim from encounters two very different men.


  • Director-Screenwriter

    Pepi Ginsberg

  • Producers

    Joseph Longo, Maria Akay, Pepi Ginsberg

  • USA 2022 15min


Two swimmers strike up a friendship at their local pool. But can this connection last in the outside world?


  • Director

    Michael Gamarano Singleton

  • Producers

    Chris Kyriacou, Michael Gamarano Singleton

  • Screenwriter

    Ronan McCabe

  • UK 2022 9min



In a reversal of The Little Mermaid, a man builds a mermaid tail to search for his real home.


  • Director

    Giacomo Raffaelli

  • Screenwriters

    Alice De Luca, Eleonora Tezzele, Giacomo Raffaelli

  • Italy 2022 10min

Total running time 95min

Contains scenes of drug use.

Grace Barber-Plentie

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