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Flip Book

From claymation to film effects and photo collage, these are shorts with a persistent queer vision.

Jay Bernard

Total running time 77 mins


Down with the patriarchy, one Barbie and Ken doll at a time.


Director Kai Stanicke
Germany 2015
15 mins

Little Elephant

A British Indian woman and her father discuss their opposing views on family and sexuality.

Director Kate Jessop
UK 2015
5 mins

The Blockage

O Bloquieo

A simple narrated letter of freedom and independence from a suffocating mother.

Director Isabel Cordovil
Portugal 2015
6 mins

The Race

Tiny, genderless figurines dance to J S Bach as their environment gives way and glitches out.

Director Soyoon Kim
South Korea 2015
4 mins

For the Best

An expressive and dynamic portrait of a man waiting for the object of his desire to make a big decision.

Director Youyang Yu
UK 2015
3 mins


One lovely, beautifully animated and stylish exploration of gender, bodies and transformation.

Director Dar Loar
Israel 2015
3 mins


Two girls, young and in love, move backwards through the city.


Director Petersen Vargas
Philippines 2015
3 mins

Paper Thin

A harrowing look at the culture of ‘curing’ homosexuality, which still persists today.

Paper Thin

Director Nataly Lebouleux
UK 2015
20 mins

Big Time

A young girl’s budding understanding of queer culture and herself in a beautiful mix of film, doodles and Boy George.

Big Time

Director Sonali Gulati
India-USA 2015
12 mins

The Saint of Dry Creek

A beautiful tale of a young queer boy who, in 1950s America, realises his father’s unconditional love.

The Saint of Dry Creek

Director Julie Zammarchi
USA 2015
4 mins

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