#FiveFilmsForFreedom in partnership with the British Council invites everyone everywhere to show solidarity with LGBTQIA+ communities in countries where freedom and equal rights are limited.

From 16 to 27 March 2022, people all over the world can watch five films selected from the Festival for free online.

Since 2015, Five Films for Freedom films have been viewed by 17 million people, in over 200 countries and principalities. Find out more about FiveFilmsForFreedom.


All Those Sensations in My Belly

Sve te senzacije u mom trbuhu

An innovative animation about growing up, coming out and ultimately learning not to take life too seriously.

  • Director-Screenwriter

    Marko Djeska

  • Producer

    Drasko Ivezic

  • Croatia-Portugal 2020. 13min

Birthday Boy

Vuelta al Sol

It’s César’s birthday. Should he honour his parents’ strict traditions, or embrace his real identity?

  • Director

    Judith Corro

  • Producer

    Gilberto Loffer

  • Screenwriter

    Luis Alfaro

  • Panama 2020. 7min

For Love

Against all odds, two women try to resist being torn apart by the UK’s brutal immigration system.

  • Director-Screenwriter

    Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor

  • Producer

    Emily Morgan

  • UK 2021. 13min

Frozen Out

A Chinese artist, in self-imposed exile in Iowa, is drawn to deserted places.

  • Director-Screenwriter

    Hao Zhou

  • Producer

    Tyler Hill

  • China-USA 2021. 5min


Every Sunday, Kamble goes to the barber shop. But it’s not his hair he’s thinking of, it’s the guy who cuts it.

  • Director

    Arun Fulara

  • Producers

    Arun Fulara, Darshana Binakar, Rangoli Agarwal, Pooja Chauhan

  • India 2020. 10min